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Browse, get to know us, and learn the benefits you will receive before you come and meet us in person! 

Rainier Family Dentistry offers a complete range of dental services to patients of all ages. Procedures are performed in a comfortable, familiar setting by a friendly staff that you will get to know and trust.  

At our practice, we pride ourselves on our patient service.

We offer a safe and proven procedures, and the latest in dental technology. Rainier Family Dentistry would welcome the opportunity to share information with you, how dental insurances process payments on the provider's prospective. Insurance co-pay, deductibles, and coordination of benefits can be challenging and complicated at times, but as a courtesy to you, our patient, these will all be explained on your first visit.

Rainier Family Dentistry  were recognized as the top dentists in Seattle by Seattle Magazine and Seattle Met each year from 2007 to 2015.


We will build a partnership to assist you along the road to good oral health in a homey atmosphere. Our friendly professional staff will help you achieve the healthy smile you desire! Whether you're coming for routine care, cosmetic improvements, emergency care, or have been referred by another dentist, we look forward to helping you along the road to good oral health.


Regular trips to the dentist will prevent the need for emergency dental service when pain becomes unbearable.


Routine Exams

During a dental exam, Dr McIntyre or Dr Speed 

will evaluate your overall health and oral hygiene, the risk of tooth decay, root decay, and gum or bone disease, need for tooth restoration or tooth replacement. 

Check your bite and jaw for problems. 

Dental Hygiene

We will discuss about any health problems you have or medications you're taking and discuss how they might affect your oral health. The importance of flossing. Your ability to effectively brush your teeth,  or recommend a powered or electric toothbrush.

Dental Fillings

 Fillings, sometimes called restorations, are the main treatment option when decay has progressed beyond the earliest enamel-erosion stage. Rainier Family Dentistry only does  tooth-colored composite resins. 

Root Canal

When decay reaches the inner material of your tooth (pulp), you may need a root canal. This is a treatment to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth instead of removing it. The diseased tooth pulp is removed. 

Tooth Extraction

 Some teeth become so severely decayed that they can't be restored and must be removed. Having a tooth pulled can leave a gap that allows your other teeth to shift. If possible, consider getting a bridge or a dental implant to replace the missing tooth.


If you have extensive decay or weakened teeth, you may need a custom-fitted covering that replaces your tooth's entire natural crown. The decayed area is removed to ensure a good fit. Crowns may be made of gold, porcelain, resin, porcelain fused to metal or other materials.

Our Services


Dr George T McIntyre
Dr Pollene Speed-McIntyre
Dr. George McIntyre, DDS, PS

Josefina Linda

Dr. Pollene Speed,  DDS, MS

Josefina Linda Vanderhoof, Office Manager

Our Dentists

Meet Our Dr Mac

George T. McIntyre, DDS, PS 

Graduated at University of Washington School of Dentistry, Seattle WA – Graduated 1978. Served the Rainier Valley area for over 30 years. 


Appointed by former Governor Gary Lock and became Chair of the Washington State Dental Quality Assurance Commission (WSDQAC) in 2001-2002. WSDQAC among its other functions regulates dental licensure for ALL Washington State’s dentists. Chief Floor Examiner as well as Team Captain.

Member of the Western Regional Examining Board – Appeals Committee.

Dr. McIntyre serves currently for the Western Regional Examining Board.


Dr McIntyre is a member of: Washington Health Dental Services, Olympia, Dentist for state employee & family

Washington State Dental Boards, Tutor for Dental Students to pass. 


Washington State Black Health Professionals

Four Season Northwest Ski Club


National Dental Association

American Dental Association

Seattle King County Dental Association

Washington State Dental Association

Western Regional Examining Board

American Association of Dental Examiner

Rainier Chamber of Commerce



Seattle Vocational Institute

Seattle Chapter of Girl Friend

American Heart Association

Filipino-American Community of Seattle



"Enjoyable and pleasant aren't usually used to describe a dental office, however, they fit oerfectly in the case of Rainier Family Dentistry."


"I've seen plenty of Dentists over my 55 years, Rainier Family Dentistry is by far the best dental practice I have ever seen and you can bet I'll be staying put."


"Your staff made my son's first visit to a dentist really enoyable. Their warm smiles and demeanor made all the difference. Thank you very much."


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Our Address

7923 Rainier Avenue South

Seattle, WA 9118

Monday - 9:00AM – 1:00PM

Tuesday -9:00AM - 2:00PM

Wednesday - 9:00AM - 2:00 PM

Thursday - 9:30AM - 4:00PM

Friday - Closed

Saturday - Closed

Sunday - Closed


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